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Our Company was originally incorporated as Private Company on July, 28, 1993 under the Companies Act, within the jurisdiction of Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana. Our Company was subsequently converted into a public limited company and name was changed to "Parnami Credits Limited" vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated 16th May 1995 issued by the Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana. The Company then came up with public offer of 27, 50, 000 shares of Rs 10/- each at par for cash vide prospectus issued for this purpose by the Company dated July 15, 1996. The Registered office of the company has been shifted to Mumbai in 2017.

The Company was original Registered as Category 'A' NBFC, which subsequently got converted and obtained Certificate of Registration as Category 'B' Non-Banking Financial Institution from the Reserve of India, wherein the Company was permitted to carry on the Company was permitted to carry on the business of Non-Banking Financial Institution without accepting deposits from general public.

Thus, the Company is a Public Limited Company registered under the provision of Companies Act, 2013, listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai and also a Non-Banking Financial Company registered with Reserve bank of India.



Rear Admiral Vineet Bakhshi (Retired) Chairman and Independent Director
Mrs Rachana Singi Managing Director
Mrs Seema Pathak Non-Executive Director
Mr. Virendra Jain Independent Director
Mr. Alok Pathak Chief Financial Officer
Ms Nimisha Kasat Company Secretary and Compliance officer