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  • The company is into providing wide range of services. Some of the services provided by the Company is mentioned below:

    >> To finance the hire purchase of buses, lotteries trucks, cars and other passenger or goods carriers whether public or private, machinery, building, tractor equipment, machinery and other article or things to any person whether it be a body corporate or not.

    >> Financing on the selling or purchasing in any part of India or Abroad all kinds of machinery, plant tools, jigs and fixtures, agricultural machinery, vessels automobiles and vehicles of every kind and description, computers, office equipments of every kind construction machinery of all types of description, air-conditioning plants and electronic equipment of all kinds and description.

    >> Providing the services of business of financiers, against security or otherwise.

    >> Providing consultancy and advisory services to clients in the field of financing.

    >> Providing services of lending money or any term that may be thought fit and particularly to customers or other person or corporation having dealing with the company. However, the company does not carry on the business of banking as defined under the Banking Regulation Act, 1919 or any amendment thereto.